Privacy Policy

All information collected from you our Privacy  Policy applies on it.Privacy policy contain the  information about:

Which type of personal information collect  from you?

1 How it is store? 

2 How it is use?

3 How it is protected?

Privacy policy also applies on the your use of our  website Applications, emails and newsletters also  contain other ways which you use to connecting  with us.It also provide the help to you either use  or no use of our website. Before using of please carefully read and understand  our both Privacy policy and Terms of use. Because  our privacy policy corresponding to our terms of  use.When you are sign up with us you are bond to  accept these all points.

When you sign up or registered with us your  personal information store on website when you  going to purchase any thing by using of our side  your personal information required that time  which make the business relationship between us.  It is also helpful whenever we want to contact  with you for any reason your mailing address,  phone number should be valid and legal.

When you want to registered with us a form  appear on your screen which demand different  type of information: Personal, addresses (  demographic , email ),phone number or other  informations ("which device you are using, the  internet service provider e.g").

After registration we collect more information like  billing ,way of payments, addresses, check your  feedback, collect data from any third parties for  accuracy, access to your device location by the  Geo location trackers, information about your  employers.

You also can contact with us by commending from  your social accounts.If you want to sign up with  your any social account the site request an email  address and pas-sward which may help to access  your profile information according to your privacy  permission. The details we collect from there  secure from third parties as not share without  business purpose.We just reach that information  which you provide on those social accounts.

For the use of Interactive services you should be  watchful. If you post any personal data, photos or  comments another registered person or visitor may  use your information another way we can't control  them. We don't have any obligation on use of  Interactive Services we have only the rights on it.  For details check our Terms Of Use. As per to  your device privacy we can locate your exact  Geo location for checking the accuracy of deals.  Geo-location software on your devices provide  help to access your location. We don't share your  location with any other.

Surveys give the information about the growth of  website and also explain your views about the  working of website .When we collect your views  it help us to develop our relationship and also help  to increase the quality of work. The purpose of  collecting information from you just for the  improvement of

Whenever you are visiting or using  involuntarily collect your personal information,  device identifier and IP address of your computer  or other devices use by you we also collect  information about purchases, accept offers and  Geo location to sit on your coupons on your  location. There are many tracking tools and  equipment which are use to track your  information you provided on the other sites only  for the accuracy purpose. Cookies are the records  file on user hard device. It hold your personal data  which you provide on it we can get access on your  data according to your privacy permission. You  can mange your cookies setting from browser its  all up to you warn always when cookies sent or  turn off it.

There are several ways to collect third parties  information. The information provided by you is  use to maintain the accuracy of work and also help  to take the step for the improvement of services  provide.We may collect information from third  parties or automatically access to the data, There  are tracking technologies to collect information  about using of the, May you share  something with someone for communication  purpose about your email address  also use for that and we can also collect the  information about that person as their devices  setting permission.

The information collected from you is use to  inform you about the new services, new products  or other features introduce by us, provide  information regarding your transactions, also use  this information for communication purpose,  advertising your interests on the products, take  your reviews about use of & make  changes in these for the betterment of website  working, we send emails regarding your order  made with us, or for any dispute with your  coupons or order, share your information with  third parties only for limited business purpose,  also send promotional emails for special offers and  services on behalf of third parties, we don't share  your email address accept limited business  purpose, by also using this information we can  manage our IT systems, marketing is our business,  conducting surveys for the advancing of, it also helpful in financial and  administration management. Is our responsibility that  data collect from you must be authentic and  accurate we can change it whenever you ask for  new updation. We also trying to minimize the  information you provide in the records for using in  future. You also can personally make changes in  data you provided. The data provide by you is  secure as we are not share your personal  information with third parties except business  reasons and also use the best organized method to  save it for high class security. If our business is  sale, transfer, merge, bankrupt or insolvency then  your personal information may be sale out as a  asset because your personal data is our business  asset. It is totally legal.

We can access your personal data when you are  registered with us  If you want to make any change  you just login and go to the Account Setting you  can change any information from here. If you want  to deactivate your account you can do it or send a  "Deactivate Account Email".We just retain your  data for the analytical purpose for a limited time  after that time data is remove and when you sign  up or visit next time the information is renew and  store for that particular time.

Under age 18 can't share their personal or any  other information on our side. Because the  services of are not available for  minors. If the find that you are under  age 18 your personal information may delete from  our website without any notice.

Our privacy policy updation made in time to time  before sign up with us you should follow or read  privacy policy carefully because our privacy  policy contain all information either personal or  dealing with us. If you are disagree or any  problem with any one policy you should stop using  it.It is completely your responsibility to check the  new updation.

For more details please contact us by email or Contact us